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The main concept of home automation is to provide sophisticated but simple control of many subsystems installed in modern homes. In the past few years home automation solutions have become more affordable, reliable and easy-to-use, impacting every aspect of daily life. Seamlessly integrated security, lighting, HVAC, audio visual and other systems improve convenience and comfort, increase energy efficiency, and maximize entertainment. Every system is designed to fulfill individual needs and desires, bringing unique experiences and luxury into today's lifestyle.
In recent years, utility bills have been going up as we have added more devices to our homes that require electricity. Monitoring and managing energy usage can drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on utility bills. For example - you can program a thermostat to act in accordance to your routines, but what happens if the routine changes? If you are running late for work and a light wasn't turned off, it will remain on and thereby waste energy. Having remote access to your home automation can give you an ability to change settings on the fly. There are many ways to reduce energy costs including: controlling lights, shades, heating and cooling systems, hot water heaters etc. We provide solutions for homeowners that can monitor, alert and display energy usage and it is Smart Grid Ready!
Universal remotes are an elegant control solution designed with you in mind. The system provides user simplicity by eliminating multiple remotes that are used in today's entertainment centers and home theatres. Pushing just one button can power up all necessary components and switch them to corresponding inputs! All hard buttons can be programmed to control your set top box, DVD etc. Some of the remotes can also be programmed to operate more than just a TV - they can control music servers, lights, shades, HVAC systems, security systems and more throughout your entire home giving you the status of each integrated system and graphic feedback from all of the connected devices.
Can you imagine having a beautiful room with stunning decor and right in the center of it is an ugly flat screen on the wall? Not anymore! We offer state-of-the-art solutions to transform your flat screen into a breathtaking work of art that enhances any room decor. When the TV is not in use, that wall becomes the focal point in the room by displaying a digital art-on-canvas image within the beautiful wooden frame. When your artwork is retracted, the video display is visible for viewing.
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