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How it's done

Whenever you think to remodel or build a new home, this is the perfect opportunity to start planning for a whole house audio, video and home automation system. Sometimes to have the desired solution takes time, but with a good foundation every system can be upgraded and/or expanded over the years. First, we start every project by consulting each client individually to exchange ideas, find out what theirs needs and desires are. Based on client feedback we create a proposal that includes design, costs, features and benefits. After the submitted proposal is accepted, we prepare and pre-wire for all devices according to our system design. We actively coordinate progress with the homeowner and their contractors to make sure everything is done right and in a timely manner. After everything is finished and painted, the next step is installation. At this point in the process our technicians install, program and integrate all the hardware in your system. The final touch of the project is to personalize the system programming based on customer desire and lifestyle needs. We want to make sure that the completed solution exceeds all expectations and leaves our customers satisfied.


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